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7 Things to do Before Your Boudoir Session

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Having a boudoir session is an exhilarating journey of self-discovery and empowerment, celebrating your unique beauty in all its glory. As a seasoned boudoir photographer working with incredible women from Madison to Watertown, and all the way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I understand it can also be a bit daunting. But fear not! I'm here to share my top tips to prepare you for this sexy, fun-filled experience, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible. From pre-session pampering to striking the perfect pose, this blog post is your ultimate guide to looking and feeling your absolute best during your boudoir session. So, let's dive in and get you ready to shine in front of the camera!

woman with dark long brown hair with a veil on and an oversized shirt buttoned only at the breast

Hydrate Before Your Boudoir Session

Hydration plays an instrumental role in your boudoir photo session - it's the secret ingredient to achieving that radiant, camera-ready glow. In my time as a boudoir photographer, I've seen firsthand how staying adequately hydrated can significantly enhance your overall experience. It's not just about quenching your thirst, but about nourishing your body from within. In the week leading up to your session, make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water. This simple act will do wonders for your well-being and appearance. You'll notice a marked difference in how you feel, with increased energy levels and a sense of overall wellness. But the benefits don't stop there.

Proper hydration also ensures your skin looks its absolute best. It helps clear any blemishes, leaving your complexion smooth, soft, and glowing. Plus, it provides a natural boost to your skin's elasticity and plumpness, which translates beautifully in boudoir photographs Furthermore, hydration aids in muscle flexibility, which comes in handy during your boudoir shoot. Sometimes, striking the perfect pose requires a bit of stretching and bending. By being well-hydrated, you can avoid any unexpected cramps or discomfort, allowing you to focus solely on expressing your sensuality and confidence.

Avoid the Bloat

Feeling confident and radiant throughout your boudoir session is key to capturing stunning images that truly reflect your inner beauty. However, it's not uncommon for dietary choices to sometimes hinder us from feeling our absolute best. I've found that minimizing the intake of certain foods can significantly enhance your overall experience. A few days before your session, consider reducing your consumption of dairy, gluten, and greasy foods. These food groups are known to cause bloating and skin breakouts in some individuals. By cutting back on these, you'll be helping your body feel lighter and more comfortable, which will undoubtedly shine through in your boudoir photographs.

Moreover, a clear complexion tends to boost our self-confidence. While professional editing can help remove any unwanted blemishes, there's no denying that we feel our best when our skin is at its healthiest. A simple dietary adjustment can make all the difference in achieving that radiant, camera-ready glow.

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woman in a moody lighting with a black bra.  she is touching her lip.

Book Your Hair and Makeup Artist

Stepping into your boudoir photography session, you'll want to feel nothing short of confident, empowered, and absolutely stunning. Part of this transformative experience involves enhancing your natural beauty with professional hair and makeup. Whether you're dreaming of a dramatic,sultry look or a more natural, understated elegance, the choice is entirely yours. Opting for professional hair and makeup services not only takes the stress off you but also ensures you'll look your absolute best on camera. Certain makeup techniques and applications are designed specifically to photograph beautifully, giving you that extra sparkle in your images.

I'm fortunate enough to work closely with an incredibly talented hair and makeup artist who I have onsite for all my boudoir sessions. She has a knack for bringing out each client's unique beauty, ensuring you feel as fabulous as you look.  The day of your boudoir session, you just have to show up and my stylist will get your hair and makeup started!  Her services are built into your session fee, so you do not have to pay extra for this (though if you LOVE her work, you can always feel free to tip her). We do this so you can go into your boudoir session stress free and confident!

woman in a strappy black corset on her knees next to a couch holding a leather jacket over her shoulders.

Hair Removal Before Your Boudoir Session

Your boudoir photography session is an intimate celebration of you, and every detail matters - right down to your grooming. With all the stretching, bending, and moving involved in boudoir, it's important to ensure that unwanted hair isn't going to make an unexpected appearance in your photos. This is where waxing comes in as a reliable solution.

Waxing is a preferred method of hair removal for many ahead of their boudoir session. Unlike shaving, which merely trims the hair at skin level, waxing removes the hair from its root. The result? Your skin feels incredibly soft and smooth, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your boudoir images. To prepare for your waxing appointment, remember to have some hair growth (at least 1/4 inch). This ensures an even wax and smoother results. Ideally, plan your waxing session 3-5 days before your boudoir photoshoot, giving your skin enough time to heal and settle.

Consider all the areas that may be visible during your session, such as legs, underarms, and bikini area. Depending on your comfort level and outfit choices, you can opt for a bikini or Brazilian wax. Don't hesitate to take your lingerie to your waxing appointment - this will help your esthetician understand how much hair to remove. However, if waxing isn't your preference, that's perfectly fine! Just ensure you shave and moisturize thoroughly before your boudoir photography session. Remember, the goal is for you to feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful, both inside and out.

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woman with curled long black hair leaning forward onto a couch wearing a strappy black lingerie one piece

Tanning Before Your Boudoir Session

A sun-kissed glow can certainly add a touch of warmth and radiance to your skin, especially during those colder months. But when it comes to preparing for your boudoir photography session, it's important to remember that a fresh fake tan might not be your best ally. While self-tanners can help you achieve that desired bronzed look, they can also get messy and potentially stain your carefully chosen lingerie. From a photography perspective, fresh fake tans can sometimes appear streaky or overly orange through the lens, which may distract from your natural beauty in the final images. If you're keen on showcasing a natural, sun-kissed glow for your boudoir session, consider scheduling your tanning service about a week before your shoot.

This timeline allows the tan to settle and fade slightly, resulting in a more natural-looking bronze that beautifully complements your skin without overpowering it. Remember, your boudoir photography session is all about highlighting and celebrating your authentic self. So, while a bit of glow can enhance your look, it's your confidence and unique beauty that will truly shine through in the photos.

woman with her head resting on a couch pulling the straps on her black lingerie

Try On and Shop for Your Outfits

Preparing for your boudoir photography session can be as exciting as the session itself, especially when it comes to choosing your outfits. You might already have some stunning pieces in your lingerie collection, but many women find the allure of something new and unique hard to resist for their boudoir shoot. Whether you're planning to wear a beloved favorite or a brand-new outfit, ensure that you absolutely love what you're bringing. After all, your comfort and confidence in your outfit will radiate through your photos. If you're looking for additional options, remember my studio closet is stocked with pieces designed to complement your chosen lingerie.

Make sure to try on all your outfits before your boudoir session. Some lingerie can be intricate, with numerous straps, hooks, or buttons, and familiarizing yourself with these details ahead of time can save stress on the day of your shoot. Also, it's always a good idea to bring a backup outfit just in case of any unexpected issues with your primary choices. If you're unsure about your outfit selection or need some inspiration, don't hesitate to reach out. I provide a comprehensive guide to all my clients when they book a session with me. This guide is designed to help you plan your outfits, ensuring you feel confident, beautiful, and ready for your boudoir photography session.

Avoid Tight Clothing

On the day of your boudoir photography session, it's essential to consider not just what you'll be wearing during the shoot, but also what you wear to the studio. While we all love how we look in form-fitting, high-waisted jeans and a supportive push-up bra, these items aren't ideal when you're prepping for a boudoir session. The reason? Tight clothing can leave marks and indents on your skin, which could potentially show in your photos.

Instead, plan to wear loose, comfortable clothing on the day of your shoot - think along the lines of soft sweatpants or a cozy oversized sweater. This will help ensure your skin remains mark-free, smooth, and ready for your close-up. Another crucial factor to consider is your hair and makeup. Opt for tops that are easy to remove without disturbing your professionally done hair and makeup. Think loose, button-up shirts or off-shoulder tops. This will help keep your hair and makeup intact, ensuring you look flawless for your boudoir session.

Remember, the goal of your boudoir outfit and preparation is to make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident. After all, your boudoir photography session is all about celebrating you in all your beautiful authenticity.

woman wearing a strappy black lingerie piece with a leather jacket thrown on her shoulders.  She's look over her shoulder towards the grownd

The H. Claire Boudoir Photography Experience

At H. Claire Boudoir Photography, I believe that boudoir photography is more than just taking beautiful photos — it's an experience of self-discovery and empowerment. Conveniently located in Watertown, WI, and serving Madison, Milwaukee, and neighboring regions, I am committed to creating an atmosphere where you can truly embrace your inner goddess.

From the moment you step into my studio, you'll see why so many women have chosen me for their boudoir photography experience. My clients often share how their sessions have not only boosted their confidence but also changed the way they see themselves. In fact, many of them have said it's one of the most uplifting experiences they've ever had!

Booking your session with me is as easy as it gets. Simply reach out to us (Contact H. Claire Boudoir), and I'll guide you through the planning process. I'll work closely with you to ensure every detail is perfectly tailored to your comfort and style. Don't wait! Start your empowering journey with H. Claire Boudoir Photography today, and let me capture the essence of your beauty through the transformative lens of boudoir photography.


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