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Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll through this page to find some of our most asked questions. 

If there's something you'd like to know that's not on this list- shoot me an email or fill out the contact form! 

Do you do touchups or airbrushing?

Yes! My typical workflow for retouching begins with removing blemishes, bruises, and anything that isn't there for life. I smooth skin (but not too much!) and even out skin tone, brighten your eyes a bit and BOOM. More extensive retouching can be requested, but may require an extra fee.


What can you do if I have insecurities about my body?

Girl, we all have them! With the right posing and lighting, and sometimes a little retouching, we can maximize the assets you love minimize the areas you wish to hide. I got you!

How revealing do I have to be?

You decide! Some clients prefer to bare all - while others like to leave a little to the imagination. Sexy isn't about how much skin you show, it's about attitude and confidence.


I'm nervous.. what's your advice?

Sister, that is totally normal! In fact, I'd be a little worried if you weren't nervous. Being nervous means you aren't numb to new, exhilarating experiences. By far, the most nerve wracking part of this is walking in the door for your appointment. After you conquer that, the rest is a breeze!

Do you provide outfits? Or is that something I bring?

We recommend bringing your own outfits because they will fit your style and body correctly. We encourage wearing outfits that will flatter your best parts! However, we do have an ever growing client closet you're absolutely able to borrow from! However, we've begun focusing growing just the layering pieces- sweaters, kimonos, robes, etc.


How far in advance should I book my session?

If you plan on giving your images as a gift to a special someone, we highly recommend booking your session at least 1-2 months before you need to gift them. Though we typically book out a few months at a time so its best to inquire sooner than later!

Are my images kept private?

Any boudoir images shown on our site, in studio or in our marketing material are shared with the clients written permission. We respect whatever our clients choose when it comes to the privacy of their images.


I literally have no idea how to be sexy.. help!

Don't you worry! I will talk you through every single pose from facial expressions to pointed toes. I usually demonstrate the pose first and then help you refine it as we go! Also keep in mind, sexy doesn't need to be serious and sultry. It can be laughs and smiles too.

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